Dimore Studio: Interpreting Memories and Creating Dreams

thatssocool_dimoregallery_mdw18 Without a doubt this was one of my most anticpated visits during Milan Design Week.  Dimore Studio and DimoreGallery, both led by the insanely creative masters, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, presented a trio of installations at their now two Via Solferino locations.  And what an absolute delight they were!



'Transfer' by DimoreGallery was my first stop and paid homage to the design masters of the 20th century.  Presented as tented rooms within rooms, made from fabric they produced with de La Cuona, as you peeped through each tent you were transported, or transferred, to a different reality.  Accompanied by low lighting and soundtracks developed solely for each piece, the installations displaying classic pieces by Gio Ponti, Achille Castiglioni, Alvar Aalto and Gabriella Crespi took you to the French Riviera, along the Silk Road or even to an Arabian Harem.



It was a truly immersive sensory experience and a very beautful one.  Almost as a break between these encounters there were other rooms exhibiting archive Dimore pieces, not forgetting the quaint gallery terrace allowing your eyes to adjust to the daylight before you disappear through another curtain and transfer to another world!

On the other side of the building the Dimore Studio 'Perfettamente Imperfetto' took a much more minimalistic approach to it's exhibition.  After being led through a fully insulated foam corridor, you may have begun to believe you were cocooned inside a futuristic space lab - until you looked down and noticed the chintzy flowered carpet - a juxtaposition of material, colour and concept which actually demonstrates the essence of Dimore Studio's work.



The corridor takes you to rooms lined with billowing white silk displaying single items from Dimore Studio's collection.  Once again the soundtrack was part of the experience and accompanies you as you walk through the installation.  The antique display case bursting with brightly coloured silk flowers was one of the most Instagrammed exhibitions at this year's Milan Design Week, but as equally breathtaking were the bamboo table, lace covered lights and the incredible little electric blue chair.


Further along Via Solferino was the newest Dimore Studio space dedicated to 'Limited Edition', a collection of nine bespoke one-of-a-kind pieces made up of modified antique furniture.  The result is a beguiling combination of old and new creating timeless pieces - tables, sideboards and storage made from brushed steel, lacquered walnut and covered in polished gold plated brass.



A deep purple carpet and reflective walls connected all the pieces, the smoke machine and of course the soundtrack being essential elements in creating a captivating environment to admire the stunning furniture.


I could have happily flown back to London after visiting Dimore Studio and DimoreGallery, being in complete awe of what Salci and Moran are creating, it was, and always is, so satisfying to view their work.  I was lucky enough to glimpse the genii (first time I've ever used that word!) for the second time this year - by the third time I'm sure I'll be going for coffee with them so I'll ask them what comes next!!