Improve your Airbnb

We are Donna and Dan, the dynamic design duo!

Get to know Donna a bit better, here are 10 (not very) fascinating facts about her…..

  1. She was born and raised, as were both her parents, in Notting Hill, London - and she still lives there

  2. She has never worn any makeup - ever

  3. She worked in the film industry for over 15 years before deciding she was more passionate about interior design

  4. Her and Dan’s daughter is named after a character from the classic 90’s movie Point Break

  5. Her biggest regret is seeing Kurt Cobain in the street at a time when he was her absolute idol - and not talking to him

  6. She hasn’t owned a television since 2004

  7. She has no tattoos and no piercings - not even her ears

  8. She is a qualified rescue scuba diver

  9. She has been vegetarian for over 20 years

  10. She is nuts about interior design and really good at offering help and advice to others

And 10 (slightly more) fascinating facts about Dan…….

  1. He was once a professional ballet dancer

  2. John Legend asked Dan if he could have his picture taken with him

  3. He has lived in 7 different countries

  4. Our current family vehicle is a ‘66 Chevy pickup truck

  5. He is one of those people that can do pretty much anything he turns his hand to

  6. His favourite board game is ‘Sorry’

  7. His granddad designed and illustrated three editions of the Guiness Book of Records

  8. He has a passion for classic cars and has rebuilt several

  9. He hasn’t owned a television since 2002

  10. His dream would be to have a workshop big enough for all of his projects

  11. He loves a cup of tea and a chat

  12. He is an excellent and considerate builder

  13. He is also quite competitive which is why he has 13 fascinating facts instead of 10!

We started ‘I Want to Stay Here’ because we were aware that a number of short term rental properties we had stayed in for holidays or work purposes were often not quite hitting the mark. In many, there were a number of elements we felt could be improved to take the property to the next level. We realised that there were some property owners out there that would like a bit of help in doing this and we wanted to offer assistance to anyone who wasn’t quite sure where to start!

A large part of what we do is transforming spaces through interior design and it is very important for us to dispel the myth that interior design is a luxury service only available to the super wealthy! It’s not! Interior designers can help you to envisage your space and offer ideas and suggestions you may not have considered. An added bonus is that we can also orchestrate the purchasing process for you, which entitles you to take advantage of our trade discounts, therefore saving you money. We can also arrange delivery and installation at a convenient time for you and our wonderful in-house reliable builder (Dan!) can complete any work that needs to be done!

We aim to provide a friendly, approachable service to suit all budgets and requirements, and through our combined skills offer a range of services encompassing property maintenance and renovation. Whether you have a private room that you rent out or you’re a developer who would like apartments prepared for the commercial market, we can help.

Please get in touch!