Tom Dixon: Coal Drops Yard


Tom Dixon's new Coal Drops Yard Showroom is a stunner!

Gone East

Being a born and bred West Londoner I was sad to hear of Tom Dixon's move away from Portobello Dock initially.  Being tucked away at the top of Ladbroke Grove beside the canal was incredibly convenient for me - not so much most other people!  So their new location, within the heart of the newly regenerated Kings Cross Coal Drops Yard complex, makes a lot more business sense!!


Still Raving

And what a space it is!  The Coal Office was orginally built in the mid 1800's and was used to house the administrative offices for the transportation of coal along the canal.  This linked London to the major industrial cities and coal mines in the north of England.  At one time it also housed one of the largest nightclubs in London, Bagley's.  The coal tunnels hosted ravers back in the day to party all night long!  Fortunately, the sweaty ceilings have now been mopped down!


Destination Coal Drops Yard


Retaining it's cool industrial features The Coal House is now the epicentre of the Tom Dixon empire.  It is the base for his latest design experiments, innovations and collaborations.  As well as being the Tom Dixon HQ, the hub of research and development and a production facility, there are also a number of partner brands.  Dinesen, Made a Mano and The Rug Company all have small showrooms too.  There is a factory where customers are able to make their own lights and purchase them at a discounted rate, as well as a restaurant opening in June.

Bunker Chic

However, the pièce de résistance is without a doubt the shop.  It's stunning.  Set within five or six of the coal bunkers you become immersed within the contemporary yet timeless and incredibly luxurious world of Tom Dixon.  Lighting, furniture, gifts, fragrances, stationery, textiles - they are all there - it is a destination.  Stimulating all senses through sight, scent and touch.  You can kick back on a wingback whilst stroking a hand-tufted Abstract cushion as you decide where to hang the latest smoky black Melt light.  All the while inhaling the seductive smells emanating from the fig and sandalwood candles.  Which I have to say are at the very top of my wish list because they come in the most beautiful green marble containers!!  Take me back already!!!


Tom Dixon Shop 4-10 Bagley Walk Arches Coal Drops Yard Kings Cross London N1C 4DH

There is an Open Day on 18-19th May - click here to let them know you are coming!


NB: This is not a sponsored post