This is England

This is England-not a statement as such but rather an exclamation of surprise.  It was my first visit to Norfolk this weekend and I certainly didn't expect to be walking through sand dunes!  I say walking, perhaps it would be more correct to say fighting a blizzard because that's what it felt like.  Seriously,  walking against the wind through sand dunes stings your eyes and ears and leaves your mouth dry and crusty from salt. img_8222

However, the beauty of dunes is finding those pockets of shelter and suddenly you're transported to the desert with the sun beating down and the only views being sand, sand and more sand.  For those of you familiar with Holkham in North Norfolk you'll know what I'm talking about.


We stayed in a beautiful converted barn, of which there seem to be a lot of in Norfolk, and I want one too!!!


Tucked behind the village green in Thursford you'll find this two-bedroomed architect designed house.  Lynch Architects are celebrated London based architects and are responsible for creating this modern, stylish and ultimately cute and cosy haven.



The barn was built in the 18th century and it was a very clever and thoughtful renovation to retain the brick and flint walls whilst creating space and light with a double height living area.


The walls, steels and exposed brick have all been painted white whilst the bedrooms are lined in beech ply.


The large window looking out onto the lane is shielded from prying eyes and blistering sun by a unique and effective shutter system.


From the living area you can look out into the garden at the lilac tree and watch a wonderful array of birds come and go.


It was a perfect haven in a stunning part of the world

Apparently Thursford Barn is for sale on the website The Modern House but when I looked I couldn't find it - however, I highly recommend having a browse on the website for other amazing architect designed houses for sale if you're looking to buy or just for inspiration! Here is the link to the barn at Air BnB