Stick No Bills


I can't say that the reason for choosing Sri Lanka as our most recent holiday destination had anything to do with Stick No Bills but it was certainly influential in shaping our route! During my itinerary reasearch-I think this is the part I enjoy the most about going on holiday!- I came across their website and almost couldn't believe my eyes.

What a cool website with so many amazing images and a Hindi film poster section too!  I've been keeping my eyes open for the perfect kitch film print for ages and I didn't expect that it would be on holiday in Sri Lanka that I would find it.

So undoubtedly I made sure Galle was on our list of destinations to visit.  Galle is actually an unmissable place when travelling in Sri Lanka.  It's an old Dutch colony and the Fort part of town is steeped in beautiful colonial architecture housing boutiques, galleries and artisan studios along with cute cafes, restaurants and boutique B&Bs, so there is a very strong European artistic vibe amongst the exoticism of Sri Lanka's largest southern town.

Stick No Bills is owned by a British couple Meg and Phillip who actively celebrate Sri Lanka's rich and colourful heritage through their vintage/retro poster collection.

Check out their website here.  They also offer a shipping and framing service.