Sleep Event 2017

The lovely people at Treniq very kindly invited me and a selection of other interiors bloggers to their VIP Red Carpet Blogging Event at Sleep 2017 this week. I had never visited Sleep before and wasn't sure exactly what to expect. It is primarily a trade show for the hospitality industry. I had hoped it would be a huge space filled with deliciously designed mock-up hotel rooms - unfortunately, this wasn't the case, however, Treniq gave us a tour of some of the most interesting brands exhibiting at the event and it was a pleasure to talk to suppliers and discover more about their companies and how their products are developed, made and sold. This is the type of information that I often overlook when visiting trade shows as I whizz round taking pictures. It was rather enlightening to hear some of the stories behind the brands, to gain an insight into their histories and ethos and has taught me the importance of stopping for a chat!! Dare Studios were one of the stand out companies that we met. They are actually a family run business and all of their products are handcrafted with an obvious attention to detail and a consideration to using quality materials. One particular item of theirs, the Katakana desk, has received a lot of publicity in the press recently and rightly so at it is exquisitely made.

However, they also produce a range of seating, storage, beds and lighting. With a resurgence in the interest and popularity of UK based craftsmanship, Dare Studios are at the forefront.

Lelievre are a French company that specialise in high-end upholstery fabric, you may already be familiar with them as they are at the top of their game in the world of textiles. It was fascinating, however, to discover their history, to hear how they have been operating for over 100 years and that they still use their own weaving mill based in Lyon for all production. Their fabric has been used in The White House, The Louvre, and St Petersburgh so you would therefore assume that they offer very classic designs. This is true, they do, however, they also produce all of the textiles and wallpapers for Jean Paul Gaultier - adding a rather eccentric element to their design catalogue.


One particular highlight for me was meeting the team from Mullan Lighting, not only do they have a stunning collection of lights, but their story was especially interesting. They were established in 2008 and took over the site of what once was the Border Brand Shoe Factory in Mullan, County Monaghan in Ireland. I've actually spent some time in Monaghan so felt an affinity to hear their story and learn that they have now rejuvenated a small village bringing an abandoned factory back to life and have renovated the workers cottages that had also fallen into disrepair which now house members of their team.


More impressively however, in addition to their collection of pendants, stunning chandeliers and table and wall lights, all with a vintage twist, they are addressing an area which many designers have failed to do so and that is to bring stylish - and moisture resistant! - lighting into the bathroom and outdoors.

So thanks again Treniq, it was a great morning - a pleasure to meet your team, to discover more about suppliers and especially to meet and hang out with some awesome bloggers - some of whom I was aware of but can now put a face to the names!