Light Bulb, Right Bulb


Gone are the days of just popping to the pound shop when your light bulb goes and having to remember whether it was a bayonet or screw fitting.  Oh no, there is so much more to buying a lightbulb nowadays.  We have all become more energy aware and light bulbs are now designed to last longer and be more energy efficient.  The traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs are being phased out with CFL and LED (compact fluorescent light bulb and light emitting diode in case you needed to know!) lighting the path ahead! Not only are new light bulbs improving our carbon footprint, they're also improving the quality of light in our homes. Lighting is no longer a question of watts but lumens and there is an entire colour spectrum available in the form of a colour rendering index to let you know whether the bulb emits a 'cool white' or 'warm white' or something in between!

In addition to the advances in technology there has also been a progression in aesthetics and in many cases the light bulb can become decorative in itself - opportunity to post a pic of Lee Broom's Crystal bulb and the Plumen!



The most famous light bulb is the Edison.  Created in the early 20th century by the Edison Electric Light Company it is characterised by it's warm light and winding filament and it has been one of the biggest challenges in lighting design to recreate these properties in an energy efficient lamp.


However, the Edison style has become incredibly popular - particularly due to the industrial trend of bare bulb and flex and therefore the lighting industry have rose to the challenge and there is now an overwhelming abundance of lamps providing flicker-free, dimmable, warm, energy efficient lighting.


One of the companies leading the way in innovative lighting design are a young British collective who I encountered at designjunction, Tala.  Their mission is to 'create the world’s most beautiful light bulbs' following their ethos of conservation through beauty.


Tala have perfected their colour rendering and sustainability using pioneering LED technology.  They house their LED's in blown glass bulbs and have recently released a series of fixtures in brass and wood making them look damn good too!


Currently stocked at Heals, The Conran Shop and Selfridges amongst others, Tala look set to be lighting their way into all of our homes.