Holiday House London


I have to admit I didn't think Holiday House London would be my kind of thing before I went. I thought it might be a bit too 'high-end' which in my eyes often equates to formulaic design using extortionately expensive antiques and bordering on garish. However, this wasn't the case. I was very pleasantly surprised and inspired by what I saw and would suggest anyone with an interest in interiors to get down and visit before the exhibition ends.

This is the first Holiday House in London and the concept was developed and brought across the pond to the UK by Iris Danker, who is a herself a designer and also a breast cancer survivor. Ultimately, the idea of the project is to raise as much money as possible for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) by transforming two residences into a design showhouse. The two houses, in St John's Wood, comprise of 26 rooms that have all been designed by different interior design studios and all of the products inside the houses are for sale, with 20% of all purchases being donated to BCRF. The exhibition runs until 10th December and all ticket proceeds go to BCRF too.


My favourite room in the house has to be this 'Nocturne in Grey and Silver' by Studio QD and Nicky Haslam. It is effortlessly stylish and a room that looks like people actually live comfortably in.  The colour on the walls is actually Farrow & Ball's Mole's Breath - however it looks incredibly brown and all of the panelling and trompe detailing is paintwork by The Finished Effect.

One of the highlights of this room is this hand coloured parchment sideboard by Tatiana Tafur.

For me one of the delights of this exhibition was the artwork.  Always such an important element in designing an interior to make a space unique and personal and Holiday House had a really varied selection.  The stairwells and hallways were all adorned with artworks with the stand out room being the Iggi Interior Design room displaying these Endless Artist pieces - namely 'Lizzy Vuitton' and 'Winnie Harlow'.

And have you noticed that wallpaper?????  Yes, they are pink feathers!!!  Designed by Tracy Kendall if you're interested for your own house!!

The one gripe I had about the exhibition were the bathrooms.  Every single one was basically just clad in marble.  Exquisitely beautiful but other than a few pieces of art (see below for trend alert - although these probably won't look as good speckled with Colgate!) and the odd bit of furniture thrown in here and there, they were all pretty much the same.  It was a bit disappointing and seemed like a wasted opportunity, perhaps a suggestion to take on board for the next event??

I'll leave you to admire some of the other great rooms but if you can I would go there and check it out yourself - I am certainly looking forward to the next one!





NB: This is not a sponsored post