Dimore Milano: Progetto Tessuti


Dimore Milano, the latest manifestation of the genius duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, unveiled another richly atmospheric presentation at Paris Deco Off this year. The masters of opulence, with a playful spirit that often contradicts and contrasts, immersed you within their latest fabric collection, Progetto Tessuti.


Layered over cords criss-crossing the store resembling Italian street scenes of clotheslines airing the family laundry, the perfectly draped materials provided an exquisite display of unique, textured and colourful designs, with a strong graphic presence.

thatssocool Dimore Milano Paris Deco Off 2

Meandering through the exhibition accompanied by a distinctive soundtrack, the Twin Peaks theme was playing on my visit, added to the immersive experience Dimore have mastered.


Inspiration from tribal art through to granny’s knitting were visible, as was a definitive saturated colour palette of rusts and teals with hints of gold.

thatssocool Dimore Milano Paris Deco Off 3

Never ones to disappoint, the dynamic duo Dimore encapsulated the balance of art and design throughout this installation and have planted the seed of excitement as to what delights will be revealed later in the year at their, ever expanding, showrooms during Milan Design Week .