Cool Instagram

The first in a series, perhaps, on some cool Instagram feeds worth following.  Being fairly new to the whole world of social media I am by no means an authority.  However, out of all of the 'socials' my favourite has to be Instagram.  Perhaps it's because it affords more of the anonymity that Facebook and Twitter forbid that I've taken a shine to it or perhaps it's just because looking at pictures is one of my favourite pastimes. Obviously there are a million and one feeds to follow (actually closer to 500 million, but who's counting!) but I just wanted to share a few for now that have captured my interest.

These are some of the people I follow and I pretty much like everything they post.  Mostly interiors based-naturally!-some are consistently beautiful - which seems to be the key to gaining a successful following - some just share cool stuff and some are just fucking funny.

It's also an opportunity for me to ask you guys for suggestions on anything you think I'm missing out on!



Rockett St George are an online homeware emporium established by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George.  I love nearly all of the interior shots they post on Instagram as I suppose they reflect my personal taste quite well.  Veering towards the dark side with a touch of an industrial edge and often quirky and eclectic but with a hint of glamour their Instafeed is well worth following for interior inspiration.  Check out their online store too at for cool and interesting furnishings and decoration.  They currently have a pop-up at Liberty London so I'm certainly going to head down to see what they have in store and suggest you do too.



If you are looking for design inspiration, look no further than @myinteriordetails.  A Swedish/German interiors blogger, Valentina has an eye for cool.  Her Instagram feed is full of perfectly formed interiors combining perfect palettes, amazing spaces and such wonderful details.  I like, like like.



James Kerwin is a British fine art photographer who captures the stunning beauty of dereliction.  His pictures are exquisitely formed and present abandoned spaces often in what appear to be secret parts of the world making him a bit of an explorer too.  As well as appreciating the textures, shapes, colours and form of the decaying rooms and buildings, I am usually left thinking what a waste of an incredible space and imagine what once was and what could be.

faile collage


My favourite New York based artists.  I love what they produce and have done for many years now.  Exhibiting in museums and public spaces internationally they have taken their form of collage street art to the big time, whilst luckily retaining their commentary on mass media culture, iconography and religion.



Is an Australian based Instagram feed and I know little about its composer other than I like their style.  A muted palette, lots of natural materials but a little something extra in the details set this feed apart from similar looking ones.  There is a promise of a blog to follow and I look forward to reading it.



Celeste Barber is another Australian and also a comedian.  Her Instagram is too funny.  Such a simple concept - replicating celebrity images whilst completely ripping the piss out of them,  I love it.