Find out more about thatssocool, the London based interior design studio

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thatssocool began as an interior design blog in 2016 created by Donna Casey. Donna began writing the blog initially as a creative output whilst she remained in her full-time ‘day job’, however, the blog soon developed into a unique source of design inspiration. Whilst working, she undertook two Interior Design modules at Chelsea College of Art UAL, as well as assisting an established designer to gain work experience within the industry.

In September 2018, thatssocool was officially launched as an interior design studio and Donna has been advising, transforming and styling properties since then.

Here are some (not very) fascinating facts about Donna;

  1. She was born and raised, as were both her parents, in Notting Hill, London - and she still lives there

  2. She has never worn any makeup - ever

  3. She worked in the film industry for over 15 years (here’s her IMDB page) before deciding she was more passionate about interior design

  4. Her daughter is named after a character from the classic 90’s movie Point Break

  5. Her biggest regret is seeing Kurt Cobain in the street at a time when he was her absolute idol - and not talking to him

  6. She hasn’t owned a television since 2004

  7. She has no tattoos and no piercings - not even her ears

  8. She is a qualified rescue scuba diver

  9. She has been vegetarian for over 20 years

  10. She is nuts about interior design and really good at offering help and advice to others